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We understand what you’re going through, so we can help you get prepared for what lies ahead.

It can be lonely at the top

At some stage as a business owner you will have experienced a sense that you’re on your own. That feeling tends to come with the territory of being a “start-up’ or sole trader. You probably talk about the business with your accountant, maybe your bank and possibly even your suppliers or clients. You do this because you need to ‘download’, or to test your thinking with someone who will listen, and with someone you trust. We mentor and support business owners, so they can do what they do best – innovate and grow!

We can help you with:

Business Mentoring

As a business owner have you ever thought:

  • It’s difficult for me to trust people
  • Who can I talk to when I want to bounce ideas around?
  • Am I the only one who really cares about this business?
  • I can’t get too close to people – one day I might have to fire them.
  • Who else knows something about this problem?

At Momentum Advisory, our clients talk to us about all aspects of their businesses, whether it’s a new idea, a new problem, a major concern or they just want to ‘download’. We discuss your business in confidence and provide you with the certainty to move forward.

Being effective

Building a business that meets its objectives, is effective in what it does and is a place where people want to work, might seem a bit of a pipe dream. But, it can be done by identifying the right work that must be done, organising it, providing resources to your people and delegating authority. Building a place where people want to be is about treating people well (including yourself) by genuinely giving them your time, being interested in and honest with them. In a nutshell its, structure, roles, systems and people, – click on the following services to find out more.

We can help you with:

Structure & Roles

Designing the structure and roles in a business requires a thorough understanding of the commercial, technical and social aspects of it as applied to the immediate and long-term future. The structure needs to make sense and the roles must add value. Momentum Advisory have years of experience in helping clients create effective organisational structures with meaningful work roles, that create value for their businesses.

Systems Design

A system is a repeatable process designed to produce the same result time and time again. McDonalds built a business around producing the same cheeseburger worldwide by using the same structure and systems in each store. Well-designed systems ensure that you have consistent and predictable output throughout your business which will provide you with control, and ensures that your people know that what they are doing, adds value.

Leadership, Teams & Culture

We believe that leaders achieve business objectives through the efforts of their team members. Thus, a leader’s job is to create the conditions that enable others to succeed. And this is done by designing effective work systems, modelling the right workplace behaviour and ensuring both of these create positive workplace symbols. Momentum develops effective leaders by providing the necessary tools and frameworks based on a tried and tested model of leadership that has helped build positive workplaces in some of the world’s largest organisations.

Personal Leadership

Personal leadership comprises self-awareness, resilience and how effectively you organise what you have to do. To be ‘self-aware’ is to be aware of one’s values, the relatively unchanging references at the core of our being, and to act on them in a consistent way. Resilience is really about how easily and well you ‘bounce back’ or overcome obstacles and being organised is how you use your time on the things that create value and growth.

Task Assignment

Assigning work to another person is where the ‘rubber hits the road’. Its where you demonstrate how you lead others because it reveals what you want them to achieve, what resources they can use and when they have to complete it by. Done well, effective task assignment provides certainty for both the individual undertaking the task and the person assigning it. By following a simple 6-step process both people will have the information to undertake and review the assigned work. Get this right and you have started on a journey of building a very positive workplace. Oh, and the right things get done!

Tough Conversations

Of all the things people do at work, they find this to be the hardest. A tough conversation is usually defined as one that we don’t want to have, it won’t go away, it grows worse if left unattended and provides the greatest relief once done. We can help ease your pain by helping to build the necessary skills to engage in and manage difficult conversations. We know that by providing you with a robust process combined with supervised practice, you will be able to improve how you approach and manage these conversations.

Performance Management

Not far beyond ‘tough conversations’ is the universally disliked practice of judging another person’s work performance. Yet, with an effectively designed system and discipline, you can change this from being a chore to being a process that will have a positive effect on your business, your people and you! It also demonstrates your effectiveness as a leader.

Review what you do

How do you know how your business is travelling? Numbers look good, complaints, minimal, cash-flow positive and things are getting done. However, experience tells you all may not be what it seems. What does the remainder of this year look like? What are people experiencing working in your business? Do they find it difficult to get work done? Are they clear about what is expected of them, how they are going and what their future looks like? To get answers to these questions you can regularly review your business. Think of it as scheduled maintenance! Find out more below.

We can help you with:


Do you really know how your business is travelling? Do you have control over the commercial, technical and social aspects of what your business does? Our ‘Discovery” workshop can be a stand-alone activity that provides you with a pathway to change or it can lead to a more comprehensive strategic review that creates a plan for the future. Our clients have found the process of ‘discovery’ enlightening, revealing and fulfilling because they learn more about their businesses than they previously knew. They see key connections between different aspects of how it operates and gain a sense of relief as they can see how to gain control of what, up to now, has been beyond their grasp.

Strategic Review

A strategic review is at least a full-day workshop (that follows a Discovery session) designed to create a formal, measurable and reviewable pathway to business growth. You walk away with a Business Plan that details the key imperatives for your business for the current year whilst creating a vision for the subsequent years. This is about creating and controlling your business future.

Organisation Review

Determine what is working within your business from an employee perspective. Reviewing an organisation is understanding employees’ experiences of working in your business. This typically reveals what they find is difficult, frustrating yet exciting. It’s a great opportunity to build relationships and engagement especially if you, as leader, respond to what they are saying. Because this process is done in confidence, people have a greater tendency to be forthright and honest. Benefits from this process also include removing barriers to effective work and performance.

Grow & prosper

Prosperity in business implies success, thriving and building wealth. In most circumstances, prosperity derives either from inheritance or entrepreneurial behaviour, allied with risk-taking and a growth mindset. Converting your ideas into something that creates value (think prosperity) requires time, resources, energy and organisation. Creating interest in your idea means others first need to know it exists and that it adds value for them. That’s where your brand, marketing and planning, so click below to see how we can support you.

We can help you with:

Business Planning

Business planning is simply about knowing what you want to do and creating a pathway to achieve it. We usually find that small business owners can see 1-3 years into the future, but not much more. We think the first step is knowing your current business state, anticipating the business environment for the next year or three and deciding what you really want to do. The step that enables you to plan is to understand what’s happening now which is why we conduct “Discovery” workshops before doing anything else. Based on the outcomes, we work with you to understand what’s possible and then what’s achievable.

Marketing & Branding

Having a distinctive brand that represents the business and a clear marketing strategy is crucial for others to understand what you do. This is critical work and should never be under-estimated. A brand is not just a logo or business name. You must convey what you do very skilfully so you build the presence and reputation you want in the market. We visit this during the Discovery workshop, but it is a discrete piece of work once we understand what you want for your business.


Governance usually means compliance with relevant legal obligations e.g. corporations, accounting, taxation, insurance and workplace health and safety legislation plus regulations. However, when the term “good governance” is used, it implies implementing policies and systems that create prosperity, not just profit. Good governance achieves both effectiveness and excellence.

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