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Systems: Being in Control of Your Business

Is your business controlling you instead of you controlling it? Is it relatively easy to get work done? Are your people clear about how to do their work? Is everyone working hard but business results don’t mirror that effort?  Is your business not worth what you think it is? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then it might be time to look more closely at the role systems play in your business

What do we mean by systems? Well, a system is any repeatable process that is designed to produce the same result time and time again. So, think for a moment about how McDonalds is able to produce the same cheeseburger in any of their locations worldwide. In fact, they not only pride themselves on being able to do this, but have designed a multinational business around it. In Australia alone they employ over 90,000 people across 869 stores with 1.7 million customer visits per day (based on 2012 data).

“So what?” you say. They are the very definition of big business and you are at the other very far end of the scale. What on earth can you learn from them? If you go into any McDonalds store watch how work gets done. Then visit another, and another and another. What you should see is that each store looks the same and people seem to be doing the same work the same way. If you doubt this observation, then go to Bunnings, Woolworths, Coles, Myer, Kmart, Target, etc. etc. etc. You will see the same thing. The reason that these businesses can produce the same outcomes and output at each location is that they use the same structure and systems in each store.

And that is what you can take into your business. Well-designed systems ensure that you will have consistent and predictable output whether it be an accounting, payroll, invoicing, purchasing, manufacturing or sales system. To consistently produce what clients want you need to have a suite of business systems e.g. those ones just named to mention a few, to in turn support those technical systems that produce your service or product.

Effective systems can save you and your team both time and money. More importantly systems will help you control your business which in turn creates more time for you, less stress and improved cash-flow.


  • Systems run your business
  • People use your systems
  • You lead your people

At Momentum Advisory, we have expert consultants who can help you design the most effective systems for your business to give you the control and peace of mind you need.

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